Jack Herer Strain Review

If you have ever visited a Florida dispensary or have been in the world of cannabis for any length of time I’m sure you have heard of one of the most famous strains of all time, Jack Herer. Named after the popular cannabis activist, author, and producer Jack Herer himself, this strain lives up to its global infamy. Sensi Seeds created Jack Herer by crossing Haze, Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk. The outcome of this mix is a sativa dominant strain that offers a clear creative head high that users report generate feelings of happiness and creativity. My personal experience with this strain was very similar. I picked up some from my local trulieve and upon first opening the container the smell was very herbal, peppery, and earthy with a slight fruity sweet smell as well. The bud itself was a darker green with many little orange hairy stigmas covering it. When grinded the flower was very fluffy and easy to smoke. Taste was as good as it smelled. The only downside to this strain was when I weighed out my eighth it was lighter then 3.5g, it was 3.22 to be specific. Something like this may be minor to some but if your looking to get every penny’s worth trulieve does have an amazing exchange program that you can use. All in all this was a very solid strain and I would recommend for daytime use when your looking to get a little creative inspiration. Let us know if you’ve tried Jack Herer and what you thought!

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