Darth Revan Strain Review

Just like Obi-Wan Kenobi once said, “Anakin, I have the high ground”. After smoking some Darth Revan, you too will definitely be on the high ground. Darth revan is a very heavy indica strain that has gained popularity from 3 Boys Farm, and has only graced the shelves of Rise and One Plant so far in Florida. Today’s batch was picked up from One Plants new Jacksonville location. Upon opening the container, my nose was greeted with scents of sweet lavender followed by notes of earthy diesel. The flower itself looked beautiful. My eye was first caught by the bright green color on the outside with flecs of purple poking through which become very apparent when the nug is broken apart. On top, there are countless orangey-brown pistils that are caked on by the endless amount of trichomes. Once ground up, Darth Revan is still as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than before. The bright green and dark purple mix together to create a very visually stimulating blend. Once smoked, it was obvious this was very high quality flower. The flower ashes white and was very smooth. The flavor was a sweet lavender berry mix that tasted wonderful. As far as effects go, this is one of my new favorite strains to medicate with. As soon as you rip a bowl, you feel a wave of relaxation wash over your body. Slight euphoric tingles dance from your head to your toes, putting you in a great mood. As dosage increases, you start to go into a very distant, almost dissociative, state that I find is a very good place to be to reflect on the days problems. As time goes on and you start to come back from a galaxy far far away, you ease into a very calm blissful state that’s great for spending time with loved ones or getting a great nights sleep. Let us know in the comments if you’ve been lucky enough to try Darth Revan and what you think!

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