Space Bomb Strain Review

Just the name of this strain conjures up visions of psychedelic Star Wars fights and extremely potent cannabis, in my mind. Space Bomb is a cross between Tiny Bomb and Space Queen, resulting in a slightly sativa leaning hybrid. Many users report feelings of being uplifted, euphoric, and happy from this strain. One warning that is generally associated with Space Bomb is its potent effects. While experienced users will certainly enjoy this feature, it’s worth noting that novice users could be left sitting on the couch “spaced” out. I purchased Space Bomb from my local Trulieve and upon purchase, I can say I was very happy. They recently lowered the price on this strain from $43 an 8th to $33. Once I got home, the good news only continued. Upon opening the container, the smell of sweet fruit with a hint of diesel wafted up into my nose. This was followed by the sight of big luscious bright green buds sprinkled with orange hairs. The most notable feature about this flower, however, was the insane amount of trichomes covering every square inch of the flower, even the stems. Once ground, this flower was very fresh, light, and fluffy. When I smoked it, the smell and taste of the flower was very sweet. After consumption, the effects of this strain were very fast acting. I immediately felt my head begin to feel very warm and light but in a pleasant way. As I went about my evening tasks, such as mowing the lawn or cooking dinner, the time passed very quickly. Much of this time I spent in my head, thinking about various things or listening to a podcast. As I got deeper into what almost felt like a galaxy far far away, the stress from the day melted away, and I could relax. I would recommend this strain to anyone wishing to fight stress and relax in the evening without feeling tired. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried Space Bomb and what you thought!

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