Mandarin Dreams Strain Review

Today we will be reviewing Trulieve’s Minis for the first time. For those of you that don’t know, Minis are Trulieve’s version of popcorn nugs. Nothing different than the normal whole flower besides shape and size. The strain I picked up this go around was Mandarin Dreams. Traditionally, MD is an indica strain, but on their website it was listed as a hybrid. Once I got home and cracked it open, I was surprised by their appearance. While this is our first review of minis, it is not my first time trying them. Usually Trulieve’s minis are just smaller nugs and oftentimes better quality then other dispensaries whole flower, but this time popcorn nugs were more like popcorn kernel nugs. Maybe more like the ones that are half popped half kernel still? Anyways, you get the analogy. Although, this is not necessarily a complaint because this is more or less what you expect when ordering minis. After smelling the jar, the namesake became very apparent. This strain starts off with a blast of citrusy goodness and finishes with a classic sweet indica smell. When grinding this nug, I was almost happy now that they were indeed so small. This made grinding them very easy and quick. It was also only $27 for the eighth Erich is another plus. After smoking the flower, it had a very pleasant sweet taste. The effects of this strain are definitely a creeper. It starts off with a very warm head high that has you zoning out and laughing at everything. It then creeps down your body to leave you in total couch lock, ready to enjoy whatever Netflix binge your about to embark on or sleep through. All in all, I would recommend this strain as a nighttime or afternoon medication. For beginner users, I would say it definitely has the capacity to put you to sleep, but for veteran users, it would take a much higher dose.

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