Episode 11: The Insulin Junkie Podcast

What’s up Couch Lock Nation! Today we are joined by special guest Nick aka Insulin Junkie. We talk about his overall experience with diabetes and how medical marijuana has helped him. We also talk about the marijuana industry itself, edible release dates, Florida weather and wildlife, and watch Couch Lock Aaron taste test a SourContinue reading “Episode 11: The Insulin Junkie Podcast”

Binske Tincture Review

Today‚Äôs strain review is not a strain at all! The product we will be discussing today is Binske Lemon Olive Oil tincture. Binske is a Colorado based company that started off making edibles but quickly expanded. Today, Binske sells a variety of products including edibles, tincture, and whole-flower. Binske recently became the largest marijuana brandContinue reading “Binske Tincture Review”

First Annual Couch Lock News Bud Bowl

Attention Fellow Couch Lock Nation! The time has come for the first ever Couch Lock News annual Bud Bowl! We have put together a bracket of some of the finest and most well known strains from all across the Florida market. We have chosen an indica, hybrid, and a sativa from each of the 14 activeContinue reading “First Annual Couch Lock News Bud Bowl”