Pakistani Chitral Kush Strain Review

In today’s review, we will be reviewing a strain from Vidacann FL for the very first time. The strain of choice for today is Pakistani Chitral Kush. Chitral is a small village in Pakistan and is known for its world renowned kush lineages. This specific strain is a heavy indica that causes many users toContinue reading “Pakistani Chitral Kush Strain Review”

Mandarin Dreams Strain Review

Today we will be reviewing Trulieve’s Minis for the first time. For those of you that don’t know, Minis are Trulieve’s version of popcorn nugs. Nothing different than the normal whole flower besides shape and size. The strain I picked up this go around was Mandarin Dreams. Traditionally, MD is an indica strain, but onContinue reading “Mandarin Dreams Strain Review”

Grand Daddy Purple Distillate Review

Have you ever wanted to go to sleep on command? Then you need to try this strain. Grand Daddy Purple, commonly known as GDP, is an indica strain that originates from Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The combination resulted in what is now a world renowned strain that has helped many people treat conditions suchContinue reading “Grand Daddy Purple Distillate Review”

Space Bomb Strain Review

Just the name of this strain conjures up visions of psychedelic Star Wars fights and extremely potent cannabis, in my mind. Space Bomb is a cross between Tiny Bomb and Space Queen, resulting in a slightly sativa leaning hybrid. Many users report feelings of being uplifted, euphoric, and happy from this strain. One warning thatContinue reading “Space Bomb Strain Review”