Episode 14: Brady Cobb (CEO of One Plant)

Welcome back Couch Lock Nation to the #1 Medical Marijuana Podcast in Florida! After a long awaited journey of attempting to get Mr. Cobb on we finally have done so. Brady Cobb is the CEO of One Plant FL and is here to answer your many asked questions. We go into quality control, new productContinue reading “Episode 14: Brady Cobb (CEO of One Plant)”

Episode 11: The Insulin Junkie Podcast

What’s up Couch Lock Nation! Today we are joined by special guest Nick aka Insulin Junkie. We talk about his overall experience with diabetes and how medical marijuana has helped him. We also talk about the marijuana industry itself, edible release dates, Florida weather and wildlife, and watch Couch Lock Aaron taste test a SourContinue reading “Episode 11: The Insulin Junkie Podcast”