Pakistani Chitral Kush Strain Review

In today’s review, we will be reviewing a strain from Vidacann FL for the very first time. The strain of choice for today is Pakistani Chitral Kush. Chitral is a small village in Pakistan and is known for its world renowned kush lineages. This specific strain is a heavy indica that causes many users to report feelings of relaxation, happiness, and sleepiness. I personally loved using this strain to unwind with in the PM. After stopping by my local Vidacann, I was met with wonderful service and used my first time discount of $55 off of a purchase of $100 or more. I then got home and was ready to test out this strain for the first time. Upon opening the glass jar that the bud came in, I was hit with a very pleasant sweet smell that was slightly earthy. The bud itself was very dense, sticky, and covered with trichomes. Its bright green appearance gives way to a softer purple undertone once the bud is broken up and ground. The ground the bud lost a lot of its stickiness and smoked very even and clean. The taste was the same as the smell, slightly sweet but nothing out of this world. After ripping my first bowl, the true indica effects were very apparent. A full body relaxation ran from my head to my toes, and all my stress and anxiety from the day melted away as I zoned out to the Wolf of Wall Street. All in all, my first experience with Vidacann was a very positive one, and I will be returning. Pakistani Chitral Kush is a great nightime strain for anyone looking to combat stress, anxiety, or insomnia.

Mandarin Dreams Strain Review

Today we will be reviewing Trulieve’s Minis for the first time. For those of you that don’t know, Minis are Trulieve’s version of popcorn nugs. Nothing different than the normal whole flower besides shape and size. The strain I picked up this go around was Mandarin Dreams. Traditionally, MD is an indica strain, but on their website it was listed as a hybrid. Once I got home and cracked it open, I was surprised by their appearance. While this is our first review of minis, it is not my first time trying them. Usually Trulieve’s minis are just smaller nugs and oftentimes better quality then other dispensaries whole flower, but this time popcorn nugs were more like popcorn kernel nugs. Maybe more like the ones that are half popped half kernel still? Anyways, you get the analogy. Although, this is not necessarily a complaint because this is more or less what you expect when ordering minis. After smelling the jar, the namesake became very apparent. This strain starts off with a blast of citrusy goodness and finishes with a classic sweet indica smell. When grinding this nug, I was almost happy now that they were indeed so small. This made grinding them very easy and quick. It was also only $27 for the eighth Erich is another plus. After smoking the flower, it had a very pleasant sweet taste. The effects of this strain are definitely a creeper. It starts off with a very warm head high that has you zoning out and laughing at everything. It then creeps down your body to leave you in total couch lock, ready to enjoy whatever Netflix binge your about to embark on or sleep through. All in all, I would recommend this strain as a nighttime or afternoon medication. For beginner users, I would say it definitely has the capacity to put you to sleep, but for veteran users, it would take a much higher dose.

Grand Daddy Purple Distillate Review

Have you ever wanted to go to sleep on command? Then you need to try this strain. Grand Daddy Purple, commonly known as GDP, is an indica strain that originates from Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The combination resulted in what is now a world renowned strain that has helped many people treat conditions such as insomnia, stress, and pain. I picked up GDP from my local Trulieve in the form of a truclear concentrate syringe. For those of you that don’t know, the truclear syringe is a distillate syringe full of very purely refined oil. This concentrate syringe can either be consumed orally as an edible or dabbed. Because of the versatility of either dabbing or ingesting it orally as well as its purity, I am a very big fan of the distillate syringe. I personally like to take it as an edible on occasions where I am going out and wish to stay medicated for a while without having to use something such as a vape or oral spray. Although, when it comes to this strain specifically, I don’t think there’s really any going out. This heavy indica strain is great for nighttime use to relax and wind down after the day. I personally use this strain to treat my insomnia, but have also noticed it is very good at taking away pain. After being sore all day from going to the gym in the morning, taking a fat dab or a potent edible made me feel like I just got a Thai massage. 

Darth Revan Strain Review

Just like Obi-Wan Kenobi once said, “Anakin, I have the high ground”. After smoking some Darth Revan, you too will definitely be on the high ground. Darth revan is a very heavy indica strain that has gained popularity from 3 Boys Farm, and has only graced the shelves of Rise and One Plant so far in Florida. Today’s batch was picked up from One Plants new Jacksonville location. Upon opening the container, my nose was greeted with scents of sweet lavender followed by notes of earthy diesel. The flower itself looked beautiful. My eye was first caught by the bright green color on the outside with flecs of purple poking through which become very apparent when the nug is broken apart. On top, there are countless orangey-brown pistils that are caked on by the endless amount of trichomes. Once ground up, Darth Revan is still as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than before. The bright green and dark purple mix together to create a very visually stimulating blend. Once smoked, it was obvious this was very high quality flower. The flower ashes white and was very smooth. The flavor was a sweet lavender berry mix that tasted wonderful. As far as effects go, this is one of my new favorite strains to medicate with. As soon as you rip a bowl, you feel a wave of relaxation wash over your body. Slight euphoric tingles dance from your head to your toes, putting you in a great mood. As dosage increases, you start to go into a very distant, almost dissociative, state that I find is a very good place to be to reflect on the days problems. As time goes on and you start to come back from a galaxy far far away, you ease into a very calm blissful state that’s great for spending time with loved ones or getting a great nights sleep. Let us know in the comments if you’ve been lucky enough to try Darth Revan and what you think!

Jack Herer Strain Review

If you have ever visited a Florida dispensary or have been in the world of cannabis for any length of time I’m sure you have heard of one of the most famous strains of all time, Jack Herer. Named after the popular cannabis activist, author, and producer Jack Herer himself, this strain lives up to its global infamy. Sensi Seeds created Jack Herer by crossing Haze, Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk. The outcome of this mix is a sativa dominant strain that offers a clear creative head high that users report generate feelings of happiness and creativity. My personal experience with this strain was very similar. I picked up some from my local trulieve and upon first opening the container the smell was very herbal, peppery, and earthy with a slight fruity sweet smell as well. The bud itself was a darker green with many little orange hairy stigmas covering it. When grinded the flower was very fluffy and easy to smoke. Taste was as good as it smelled. The only downside to this strain was when I weighed out my eighth it was lighter then 3.5g, it was 3.22 to be specific. Something like this may be minor to some but if your looking to get every penny’s worth trulieve does have an amazing exchange program that you can use. All in all this was a very solid strain and I would recommend for daytime use when your looking to get a little creative inspiration. Let us know if you’ve tried Jack Herer and what you thought!

Space Bomb Strain Review

Just the name of this strain conjures up visions of psychedelic Star Wars fights and extremely potent cannabis, in my mind. Space Bomb is a cross between Tiny Bomb and Space Queen, resulting in a slightly sativa leaning hybrid. Many users report feelings of being uplifted, euphoric, and happy from this strain. One warning that is generally associated with Space Bomb is its potent effects. While experienced users will certainly enjoy this feature, it’s worth noting that novice users could be left sitting on the couch “spaced” out. I purchased Space Bomb from my local Trulieve and upon purchase, I can say I was very happy. They recently lowered the price on this strain from $43 an 8th to $33. Once I got home, the good news only continued. Upon opening the container, the smell of sweet fruit with a hint of diesel wafted up into my nose. This was followed by the sight of big luscious bright green buds sprinkled with orange hairs. The most notable feature about this flower, however, was the insane amount of trichomes covering every square inch of the flower, even the stems. Once ground, this flower was very fresh, light, and fluffy. When I smoked it, the smell and taste of the flower was very sweet. After consumption, the effects of this strain were very fast acting. I immediately felt my head begin to feel very warm and light but in a pleasant way. As I went about my evening tasks, such as mowing the lawn or cooking dinner, the time passed very quickly. Much of this time I spent in my head, thinking about various things or listening to a podcast. As I got deeper into what almost felt like a galaxy far far away, the stress from the day melted away, and I could relax. I would recommend this strain to anyone wishing to fight stress and relax in the evening without feeling tired. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried Space Bomb and what you thought!